Coin collection: Tips for beginners

Coin collection tips for beginnersCollection of coins involves series of steps that needed to be followed for maintaining the aesthetic appearance as well as protecting them from any damage. There are coin collecting equipments that can help you in this regard. Coin folders are one of the best methods to store coins. The cardboard coin folders are easy to create and are least expensive.

The cardboard are cut to the shapes of coin so that they hold the coins preventing them from falling down. Below every hole, the date and description about the coin can be noted down. The disadvantages of such coins are that, they are prone to fingerprint damage and only one side of the coin is visible to the viewers. Coin albums are the other version of storing coins which is more expensive than coin folders.

It is because; they come with certain advantages over coin folders. First and most important advantage is that coin albums can show off both sides of the coin. It also has a plastic covering on either side to prevent the coins from fingerprint damage. You can hold more number of coins in a single album.

In older days, cardboards were used for storing coins, similar to the modern card holders. But the difference was that the cardboards used at those times were rigid and they cannot be folded. Such cardboards were made of acids that ruined the metallurgy of the coins. But the cardboards that are used now are not made of acids and hence the coins are safe and secure in the folders and albums. Hence collect coins and store them in holders or albums to increase the aesthetic appearance of the coins.