As of May, 2024, a 1950-S Dime, FB in uncirculated specimen can be valued between $17.00 and $1,700.00, depending on its grade and strike quality.

Looking back at auction records, the highest price was achieved by a Mint State grade that was hammered at $4,025.00 in the 12/04/2008 by renowned auctioneer Heritage Auctions, showcasing the allure of top-tier rarities.

Designer: John R. Sinnock
Edge: Reeded
Diameter: 17.90 millimeters
Weight: 2.50 grams
Mintage: 20,440,000
Mint: San Francisco
Metal: 90% Silver, 10% Copper
Series: Roosevelt Dimes 1946-1964

1950-S Dime, Fb (Regular Strike) – Price Chart

If you are aware of your coin’s grade, refer to the following chart to determine its value:


If you are unsure of the grade, you can assess it based on the coin’s condition. More detailed information here.

GradeLowest Price($)Highest Price($)Average Price($)
Mint State17.001,700.00220.80

Please note that the estimated values are derived from the latest data in the PCGS Price Guide and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. We strongly recommend reviewing actual auction records, which can be filtered by grade. For further insights, refer to our analysis report, which is based on these data.

Also, there are multiple versions of the 1950 Roosevelt Dime. We recommend checking the values of these coins as well to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

Coin NameMin Circulated Price($)Max Circulated Price($)Min Uncirculated Price($)Max Uncirculated Price($)
1950 Dime (Regular Strike),250.00
1950-D Dime (Regular Strike),425.00
1950-S Dime (Regular Strike)4.0011.0015.00750.00
1950 Dime (Proof)N/AN/A18.00400.00
1950-D Dime DDR FS-801 (014) (Regular Strike)10.0032.0042.00550.00
1950 Dime, FB (Regular Strike)N/AN/A5.005,500.00
1950-D Dime, FB (Regular Strike)N/AN/A5.002,400.00
1950-S/S Dime S/Inverted S FS-501 (Regular Strike)5.0032.0032.00400.00
1950 Dime, CAM (Proof)N/AN/A60.001,750.00
1950 Dime, DCAM (Proof)N/AN/A100.004,500.00
1950 Dime DDR FS-801 (Proof)N/AN/A25.00500.00

Coins listed have various mint marks and designations indicating where they were minted and if they are special strikes. To learn more about what the different mint marks and designations mean, please refer to our Mint Mark Chart and Coin Designation Reference Chart.

1950-S Dime, Fb (Regular Strike) – Auction Chart & Report

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Sales Volume

Grade Impact Analysis

GradeLowest Price($)Highest Price($)Average Price($)

The chart shows the min and max prices for the 1950-S Dime, FB (Regular Strike) coin across various grades from MS-65 to MS-68. The prices generally increase as the grade improves, with MS-68 having the highest max price $4,025.00.

Within each grade, there is also variability in prices, likely due to factors like specific coin characteristics or market conditions at time of sale. Overall, the chart illustrates how coin grade is a key driver of value for this particular 1950-S Dime, FB (Regular Strike).

Auction House Comparison

The pie chart breaks down the market share of various auction houses for selling the 1950-S Dime, FB (Regular Strike) coin. Heritage Auctions dominates with 76.14% share, followed by Great Collections / David Lawrence RC with 10.23% / 7.95% appearances respectively..

Price Trend Over Time

The graph presents a detailed analysis of the average annual auction sale price and frequency for the 1950-S Dime, FB (Regular Strike) coin over the years. This visual representation traces the coin's value fluctuations, illustrating periods of increase, decrease, or stability in its average auction price.

Such a historical view is indispensable for collectors, investors, or researchers who are keen on comprehending the market dynamics and the coin's value trend over an extended period.

Raw Auction Records

Here are the lasted auction records from the auction history of the past years. You can filter these records by coin grade.

GradeGrade SourceSellerPrice($)Sold Date
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions1,260.0001/08/2024
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions181.2007/05/2023
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions360.0001/19/2022
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions204.0007/14/2021
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions222.0012/16/2020
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions204.0004/01/2020
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions990.0002/23/2020
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions1,140.0001/14/2019
MS-67PCGSStack's Bowers360.0008/22/2018
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions180.0006/20/2018
MS-65PCGSDavid Lawrence RC60.0004/01/2018
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions246.7503/21/2017
MS-67PCGSDavid Lawrence RC365.0001/09/2017
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions1,880.0001/04/2017
MS-67+PCGSHeritage Auctions587.5008/10/2016
MS-67+PCGSHeritage Auctions305.5006/08/2016
MS-68PCGSHeritage Auctions1,292.5004/27/2016
MS-66PCGSDavid Lawrence RC110.0004/03/2016
MS-67+PCGSHeritage Auctions470.0003/03/2016
MS-67+PCGSHeritage Auctions764.9302/04/2016
MS-67+PCGSHeritage Auctions540.5002/04/2016
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions223.2501/17/2016
MS-67PCGSDavid Lawrence RC350.0011/22/2015
MS-66NGCHeritage Auctions84.0002/10/2015
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions258.5001/04/2015
MS-68NGCGreat Collections1,760.0012/28/2014
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions1,175.0012/04/2014
MS-67NGCGreat Collections137.5011/30/2014
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions90.0011/30/2014
MS-67NGCGreat Collections57.2011/02/2014
MS-67PCGSGreat Collections280.5010/05/2014
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions1,527.5007/10/2014
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions1,762.5006/04/2014
MS-66PCGSGreat Collections70.6205/11/2014
MS-67+PCGSHeritage Auctions1,762.5003/21/2014
MS-66PCGSGreat Collections90.0008/04/2013
MS-67NGCStack's Bowers65.8007/27/2013
MS-67PCGSGreat Collections330.0007/07/2013
MS-67NGCGreat Collections803.0007/07/2013
MS-66PCGSGreat Collections83.0006/02/2013
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions69.0008/02/2012
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions411.0008/02/2012
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions575.0004/18/2012
MS-65+PCGSHeritage Auctions47.0010/10/2011
MS-67+PCGSHeritage Auctions1,495.0008/11/2011
MS-67+PCGSHeritage Auctions1,265.0006/01/2011
MS-66PCGSStack's Bowers127.0003/31/2011
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions219.0002/03/2011
MS-65+PCGSHeritage Auctions74.0006/28/2010
MS-65+PCGSHeritage Auctions74.0005/17/2010
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions345.0009/11/2009
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions374.0008/19/2009
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions138.0008/05/2009
MS-66PCGSDavid Lawrence RC138.0003/16/2009
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions173.0001/07/2009
MS-67PCGSSuperior Galleries1,380.0001/01/2009
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions138.0012/04/2008
MS-68PCGSHeritage Auctions4,025.0012/04/2008
MS-66NGCHeritage Auctions69.0009/29/2008
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions253.0004/23/2008
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions230.0004/23/2008
MS-65+PCGSHeritage Auctions104.0010/29/2007
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions299.0004/16/2007
MS-65+PCGSHeritage Auctions109.0004/04/2007
MS-65+PCGSHeritage Auctions109.0003/21/2007
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions219.0001/22/2007
MS-67PCGSDavid Lawrence RC374.0012/11/2006
MS-66NGCDavid Lawrence RC64.0010/16/2006
MS-67PCGSGoldberg Auctioneers196.0005/30/2006
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions276.0011/07/2005
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions345.0008/01/2005
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions489.0006/06/2005
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions81.0006/01/2005
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions580.0005/11/2005
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions219.0002/09/2005
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions320.0001/30/2005
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions1,955.0001/17/2005
MS-68NGCHeritage Auctions1,265.0012/13/2004
MS-67NGCHeritage Auctions190.0012/12/2004
MS-66NGCHeritage Auctions49.0012/12/2004
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions978.0011/04/2004
MS-66NGCHeritage Auctions34.0010/13/2004
MS-66NGCHeritage Auctions56.0009/22/2004
MS-66NGCHeritage Auctions36.0009/15/2004
MS-67PCGSHeritage Auctions357.0009/13/2004
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions71.0010/22/2003
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions93.0009/03/2003
MS-66PCGSHeritage Auctions150.0006/18/2003